Increasing Student Interaction Online: The Affective Component

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January 15, 2014 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Excelsior College - Room D or via ACPRO
Open to all Excelsior Faculty
Lynne Johns
Increasing Student Interaction Online: The Affective Component @ Excelsior College - Room D or via ACPRO

Faculty Development Distinguished Faculty Webinar facilitated by Gary McClain, PhD.

During this webinar Dr. McClain will discuss the importance of the affective elements present in learning, specifically when teaching adult students in the online environment.  While instructors are not intended to be counselors, students often disclose emotionally based issues, related to learning or otherwise, to their instructors and these issues can impede the learning process.  Dr. McClain will discuss how to handle these types of issues effectively to keep students engaged and motivated.

To Participate:

The session will be held in Building 7, Room D for those on site.  

To Participate from a distance via ACPRO:


About the facilitator:  Dr. McClain received Excelsior College’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 2013 for his work with students in the School of Health Sciences.  Gary McClain has served on Excelsior’s faculty since 2010 and has developed and taught the College’s Health and Wellness course. He has also been the instructor of Sociology of Health and Wellness; Health Care Issues in Culturally Diverse Populations; Psychosocial Impacts of Chronic Illness on Person and Environment; and Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems.

In addition to his coursework, he has also contributed an online article, Dealing with Loss, Depression or Grief During the Holidays to the College’s online newsroom, Excelsior Life; and facilitated a webinar in 2011 for the School of Health Sciences on Managing Your Stress.

Gary is also the founder of the website, a website for individuals recently diagnosed with chronic and catastrophic medical conditions, their caregivers, and loved ones. Just Got Diagnosed is focused on emotions, self-image, and spirituality to help them deal with the emotional impact of their diagnosis as a means of being better prepared for making treatment decisions as well as managing their condition in the future.