8 Week Term Schedule

Spring Trimester 2018 Term I

January 8, 2018 – March 4, 2018

Week Start End
1 01/08/2018 01/14/2018
2 01/15/2018 01/21/2018 GoArmyEd/Army students have 15 calendar days to cancel a course without academic or financial penalty. Active Duty Army, Active Duty Army National Guard, and Army Reserve personnel with courses funded through GoArmyEd/Army who want to cancel or withdraw from a course must formally process this request online by the 15th calendar day through GoArmyEd.com and cannot request to cancel or withdraw from a course using either Excelsior’s online process or by email to Excelsior.
3 01/22/2018 01/28/2018 Last date to cancel with no record on status report or transcript 01/22/18*
4 01/29/2018 02/04/2018 Administrative withdrawal for lack of participation begins. See policy for more details.Mid-term formative feedback.
5 02/05/2018 02/11/2018
6 02/12/2018 02/18/2018
7 02/19/2018 02/25/2018 Last date to withdraw or request extension 02/25/18 *Course evaluation survey.
8 02/26/2018 03/04/2018

The Spring I 2018 (8 wk) term ends on 03/04/2018. Final grades will be available on the web on 03/12/2018.

*For more information on withdrawal policies and procedures, please go to Excelsior College Course Withdrawal policies