SHRM Student Webinar: Update on Workplace and Academic Sexual Harassment
Nov 28 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

From Hill and Tailhook to Hollywood and Silicon Valley:  Update on Workplace and Academic Sexual Harassment

Wendy Murphy, JD
Dr. Jennifer Martin
Ronald Dun, Esq.
Steven Wynne, JD
Dr. Renay Williams
Dr. NiCole Buchanan
Dr. William Schweinle
Dr. Michele Paludi

Workplace and academic sexual harassment are once again in the public spotlight.  But there are differences in the way people are coming forth with complaints than they did in 1991 when Professor Anita Hill testified at the Senate Confirmation Hearing of Judge Thomas.  What have we learned from Professor Hill’s testimony and the Tailhook incident that created a cultural change we are witnessing now with allegations against Harvey Weinstein and others?  This webinar will address this issue and others, including:  racialized sexual harassment, incidence vs. reporting, proper investigative techniques, confidentiality, fear of reporting, impact of sexual harassment on individuals and workplaces, ways to inform individuals through courses, training programs and policies, and psychological profiles of individuals who engage in sexual harassment.

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For additional information:  Michele Paludi (mpaludi@excelsior.edu; 518.464.8729

Vetcon Conference: Panelists on Higher Education
Nov 28 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Chris Johnson (Assistant Director, Center for Military and Veteran Education) and Michael Johnson (Associate Dean – Technology, Business and Technology) will be on a panel at VETCON Conference on November 28.

The panel will include representatives from higher educational and vocational teaching institutions who will outline & identify opportunities available to Veterans, including discussions on tuition assistance, availability of free training, grants & other vehicles that are afforded to veterans to assist in their ability to transition from service. This program is geared towards any veteran who is seeking the educational background and skills to promote themselves & their businesses for future success.

VETCON 2017 is the continuation of a groundbreaking alliance first started in 2016 seeking to assist veterans in their transition from service to everyday life; focusing on providing financial tools, resources and support.